Groups, Tours, Parties, and Catering

After many requests, Sonny’s is now officially accepting large group reservations to help you plan ahead. We host everyone from tour groups to school groups right in the heart of Philadelphia’s historic district, Old City. Come see the city that gave birth to our nation while enjoying its finest local cuisine — the cheesesteak! Scroll down to fill out our group form!

Sonny's Hosts Group Meals in Philly

Delicious & Fun!

At Sonny’s, we passionately believe that everyone has the right to an authentic Philly cheesesteak experience. So when we have a group of visitors — old or young — we’re happy to answer any and all questions (“What does wit or witout mean?” – We’ll tell you!) to make sure your meal is perfect and everyone’s happy.

We make things easy

– Host groups of 150+ for lunch
– Indoor seating or deliver nearby (parks, hotels, etc.)
– Large group, education, ABA, university, student, discounts
– Conveniently located in Old City –– steps from the popular historic monuments!
– Super friendly, helpful staff
– Bathrooms! (It’s a rarity around here!)
– Group reservations
– Everyone loves us – Just ask GQ

Sonny’s Famous Steaks
228 Market St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 629-5760

Monday - Thursday: 11 am - 10 pm
Friday & Saturday: 11 am - 3 am
Sunday: 11 am - 10 pm

Sonny's Famous Steaks

Sonny's is located in historic Old City, Philadelphia.